There’s a fine art to getting changed on the beach in a dignified way after a lovely swim. It’s always tricky with a towel too small; any compromising of modesty an ordeal for prudish Brits. It’s why the Victorians had the bathing machine; and today, we have the DryRobe, an ankle-length hooded towel-coat combination which swept the country a few years when wild and sea swimming become popular.

Personally, though, I’d like to see the ‘Skreenette’ making a comeback. These canvas changing contraptions were fashionable in 1929 for protecting a woman’s modesty on the beach. Admittedly, it’s likely they were far less cosy as the DryRobe on a winter’s day at the seaside, however, there are some plus points. They fold down flat, make you stand out from the crowd and help put a smile on your face so you don’t take your sea swimming too seriously.

skreenette bathing tent 1929

skrenetteWhat do you think? DryRobe or Skreenette?

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