I’m not ready to accept the summer is over. So, last night I took a virtual trip to Greece via Instagram and came across this curious Greek fashion brand. Ergon Mykonos makes clothes fit for sashaying around Greece like a modern-day Greek goddess. I was also taken in by their Instagram campaign collages, particularly the ones that show the models against nostalgic scenes of Greece. Sigh. Ergon Mykonos is an intriguing combination of travel, Greek tradition, history and fashion, and clearly I’m a little intrigued…

The patterns on the fabric take inspiration from all kinds of elements of Greek culture – from Greek mythology, poems and works of art, to even architecture, with each collection designed around a theme. For example, its spring/summer 2020 collection is inspired by the emblems, symbols and patterns associated with the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium whose origins are shrouded in legend.

What I think makes it so special is that the collections are made out of exclusively handmade fabric produced on looms by Greek women who still use and master this technique in several parts of Greece. Fabric has been woven in this way from the country’s early history and gives it special qualities and aesthetics. Marietta Karpathiou, founder of Ergon Mykonos, has always been interested in reviving this lost and forgotten technique, a distinct part of Greek culture which she sees as her duty to save and protect it.

As you might expect though, these exclusive pieces do come at a price, but perhaps you could see investing in one as an heirloom (no pun…)? Oh and they also do accessories, and homewares.

Discover Ergon Mykenos.

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