I’m such a holiday planner. Planning gets me really excited for a trip, so I like to plan ahead, debate places to stay and hunt down the types of restaurants local people go to. I’ll even put together an itinerary or cheat sheet with all the little details (don’t laugh…) I organised our honeymoon to Kerala in India where we travelled around by bus, train and taxi, took us Greek-island hopping, on a road trip around the Hudson Valley… I love planning trips!

On the flip side, being the planner means the opportunity to mess up, which I haven’t done, not in a major way. Until now. We’re going to Croatia in September and this weekend I started putting together my cheat sheet. Imagine my horror when Dan discovered that I had booked the flights THE WRONG WAY ROUND. So instead of flying to Split in Croatia from Gatwick for 10 days, we’re heading from Split to London Gatwick for our summer holiday!

Do you have a holiday planning disaster to share?


  1. OH NO!!!!! Which airline was it with? Will they change it for you? I've never done anything that bad, I've booked a train on the wrong day before but that was only to Bristol!

  2. I had to laugh at your post! Enjoy Gatwick! I'm still not sure you beat my story of A) being denied boarding the plane after having NO visa for Kerala and having to cancel a trip I'd spent 5 months planning, or b) not actually EVER booking our honeymoon flights and realising 24 hours before. Rebooking and overpaying! Classic Jacksons.

  3. laughed at this post, although i'm sure it was such a pain switching flights. ugh! also, INSANELY jealous you're going to croatia. that's going to be amazing! xo

  4. I booked a restaurant for Ellie & I on our honeymoon, a few weeks before arriving in Copenhagen.
    We went for a drink beforehand quite close to the area where I thought it was, running slightly late we hailed a taxi to take us there, gave the driver the Danish address, he looked confused and explained it was 80 miles away in a different city, was I sure?!
    I called to check, in a panic, the restaurant told me they had noticed the hotel address I'd used to place to booking (online) and made a reservation in the other restaurant as well.
    I gave the new address to the taxi driver, he drove 30 metres, stopped and said "4 euros please"!
    Chloe, you have topped the stories.

  5. Ha! You were lucky Dan Seymour… 🙂 It was amazing. Although there's now one in London so needn't have travelled so far!

  6. Oh my goodness…where to start?! I've made SO many holiday errors…
    1. Realising my passport had expired the NIGHT before I was due to fly to Gran Canaria (don't judge the location…I was 18yrs old and skint).
    2. Arriving at Ibiza airport to fly home after an EPIC week to find I was 24hrs LATE for the flight.
    3. Coming home from a holiday in France with a plaster cast on my leg having jumped off a jetty and tearing cartilage in my foot.
    4. Getting lost in the sand dunes of Morocco for 3 hours without water, having taken a wrong turn.
    5. Turning up in Amsterdam on a public holiday weekend without accommodation, going from hotel to hotel without luck, and then sleeping on the floor of Schipol airport until a room became available. Then, almost getting evicted from said room for smoking a local delicacy or two without realising consumption wasn't welcome everywhere.

  7. Oh, and…
    6. Turning up in Bali at the end of Ramadan to find ALL accommodation was full with people celebrating the end of the fast. Having to check in to a 5* hotel while living on a backpacker budget. It was that or the airport floor.

  8. Comedy gold. I don't think you should quit your day job! I didn't know you had to stay in a 5-star hotel in Bali at the start of your trip… nice way to ease yourself in though 😉 x

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