During the first UK lockdown, the Ellie & Co team jumped on the staycation bandwagon and bought a 1996 Volkswagen camper van. She’s called Celeste, she’s had one fastidious owner from new, and is in immaculate condition. In fact, she’s pretty perfect, expect for one major thing. The interior. It’s well, grey, with a hint of burgundy. Let’s just say Celeste could use a little brightening up.

In my search for interior inspiration, I came across the ‘Caravan Museum’. It’s basically a German website filled with scans from vintage caravan brochures. After half a day searching, I’m totally ready to say goodbye dull grey carpeted ceiling, patterned velour seats, practical grey flooring and matching burgundy curtains. Hello sexy striped velvet drapes, floor-to-ceiling faux wood panelling, garish duvet covers and fondue set!

The End. 

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