Speaking of camping
,Β our weekend camping in a secret meadow close to Brighton sent me on a trip down memory lane thinking about all those fun family camping trips in my parents’1970s orange-and-brown tent. Somehow camping looks more ‘cool’ and fun in vintage grainy photographs so I couldn’t help put together a scrapbook of pictures I dug up from the internet.

I love this orange tent. It reminds me of our new tent.

Although I would love to have taken a road trip in this amazing orange VW Beetle, around somewhere lush and hot like California, I’m imagining.

Then there are the accessories… there’s something so wrong about this photograph. Are they naked under there? Maybe they were at a swinger’s camping party. Just in case you didn’t notice, the plain inside colour contrasts nicely with the garish floral design.

And how about this carefully curated collection of various Tupperware items including pots, mugs, boxes, a juice jug and hamper? The whole set’s even for sale on Etsy, here.

(Photos via Out & About Live, Flickr, Ca’Savio)


  1. So cool, and it really does seem so much more fun back then. I loved the 70’s, brings back good memories. thanks

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