Here’s another unique hotel for your travel bucket-list, so pack your bags!

Looking at this exotic scene, you might assume we’re off somewhere hot and lush. India or Hawaii, maybe. The Caribbean perhaps, or even the Deep South of America. The quaint whitewashed building surrounded by rich-green foliage, that perfect terrace for summer afternoons sipping ice-cold homemade lemonade. You can almost feel the sweltering summer humidity, the occasional waft of cool air… Ah, but there’s a twist.

converted pullman carriage bed and breakfast sussex

This heavenly little hideaway is actually much closer to home than you might think. Welcome to The Old Railway Station, a unique bed and breakfast in the village of Petworth near Chichester in Sussex, England. I almost expect Miss Marple in tweed or Zelda Fizgerald in a flapper dress to come sauntering along.

This charming hotel is set inside a converted railway station house that was originally built in 1892 for the Prince of Wales and his friends to get to Goodwood. Who knew? It was left abandoned for 20 years until the mid 1980s when it was rescued and restored almost to its original state.

Today it’s a unique 12-room guesthouse; two double rooms inside the main station house and 10 inside four converted Pullman railway carriages. There are two double en-suite rooms inside each carriage, and they look as they would when they were originally built. All that mahogany…

old railway station hotel petworth near chichester

Luxury train journeys were once defined by Pullman train services such as The Orient Express, The Golden Arrow and Bournemouth Belle. Today, some of their old Pullman carriages have been lovingly restored here at The Old Railway Station Hotel – Alicante (1912), Mimosa (1914), Flora (1923), and Montana (1923). The latter two once formed part of The Golden Arrow that took passengers to Paris.

Back in the station house, the former waiting room has been turned into an elegant dining room – complete with a log fire, the old ticket office and garden views – where guests and visitors come for breakfast and the hotel’s famous afternoon tea. I can just imagine slouching in an armchair post-hike, glass of wine in hand…

Hop aboard The Old Railway Station, here!


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