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I used to get really excited if I discovered a shepherd’s hut or gypsy caravan at the bottom of someone’s garden for rent on AirBnB. Now everyone seems to be doing that, it’s not quite as exciting. Although it does mean people are getting more creative to compete. Cue my latest discovery.

airship sussex

Introducing the AirShip, a giant insulated aluminium pod with luxurious décor surrounded by private woodland near the village of High Oaks in West Sussex. It’s available to rent on various websites for around £100-£120/night – it’s perfect for so many types of breaks: a writing retreat, romantic weekend, a birthday celebration, or no other reason than it would be fun to stay in and you deserve a weekend away!

airships sussex

I can already picture myself sitting at the table pondering life or doing some writing in between gazing up and out over the bluebell-covered valley. Or hunkering down at night with a good book and a nice glass of red…

airship sussex

You enter the pod at one end into the living room which comes complete with table and chairs, a cosy wood burner, and a kitchen and a sofa that can be turned into a single bed.

airship sussex roderick james

Past the kitchen at the other end is a full-size double bedroom with a super-comfy king-size bed and a door out onto an outside terrace complete with a barbecue area for cosy dinners.

airship sussex

airship sussex

This incredible creation is one of two AirShips in the country – the other is currently stationed in a village in the Scottish Highlands and is a super rental on AirBnB. They’re both designed by Scottish architect, Roderick James, to be easily constructed and deconstructed anywhere – all the components of the robust frame can be carried by two people. Regardless of road access, the DIY-friendly pod could even be installed with wheels or floats for waterways, lochs or lakes. It’s also potentially suitable for flat roofs in cities, in gardens or in the woods, on shorelines, canals and rivers. It’s hoped many more will start springing up around the country soon, although they cost from £100,000…

Tempted? Book your stay at the Sussex AirShip, here.

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