Cycling to Shoreham from Brighton to spy on the community of incredible house boats has sort of become one of my favourite activities…

Once I’ve locked up my bike and am strolling along the riverbank, I find myself obsessing over what life could be like on one – how I’d decorate inside, arrange the deck furniture, cook for my first boat party, and what it would feel like to fall asleep under the stars on the gently swaying water… So, the other day after a jaunt, I took to the internet to see if I could find a houseboat for rent near Brighton, and my eyes started glazing over when I found this one which would be perfect for your next trip to Brighton, and make an alternative to the Brighton hotel I always recommend! Let’s have a look inside…

the raft shoreham houseboat

Introducing The Raft, a floating home for two, perfect for that romantic getaway – with a twist! – close to Brighton. It has all the comforts of a modern house and includes a main living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a cosy bedroom, a full bathroom, and an outside deck.

houseboat airbnb brighton

What’s amazing is that it’s so much cheaper and far more characterful than so many other Airbnbs and hotels you’ll find in Brighton and the best bit – it’s available to rent through Airbnb for just … wait for it … £77 a night!

houseboat near Brighton The Raft

It’s set in a friendly community of 40 houseboats near Shoreham, a lovely town with lots of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and vintage shops. The beach is a two-minute walk, with its incredible little-known boardwalk, and is popular with kite surfers and wind surfers when the weather’s right.

shoreham boardwalk

“What we love about it is how close we managed to get it to sit on the water,” says Lucy, who designed and built the raft together with her husband Tom. “It floats on 48 recycled blue barrels from Brighton bus depot! So when you look out from the lounge, you feel as though you’re really part of nature.”

Find The Raft listing on AirBnB here. Lucy and Tom live in a three-bedroom houseboat nearby, called Rebus Stone, which they took seven years to build and occasionally rent out on AirBnB when they go away – see the listing here.

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