Here’s a round-up of all the unique places to stay in Sussex I’ve discovered and written about here, so far, in one handy post.

1. Glamping in the Africa of Sussex

glamping at knepp wildland in sussex

Escape from Brighton? Sometimes even the truest Brightonian needs a little break from the romance of this concrete jungle by the sea, in exchange for some country air. Here’s a place that will transport you to the wildlands of Africa…  without actually leaving Sussex or England.

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2. A cosy floating home for two just outside Brighton

Introducing The Raft, a floating home for two, perfect for that romantic getaway – with a twist! – close to Brighton. It has all the comforts of a modern house and includes a main living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a cosy bedroom, a full bathroom, and an outside deck.

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3. Two fairytale treehouses in the South Downs

blackberry wood treehouse

Every year, the Ellie & Co  investigative team of two spend a weekend wild camping at Blackberry Wood. It’s set deep in the South Downs just 15 minutes from Brighton and 1.5 hours from London. It’s also home to two amazing fairytale treehouses – Higgeldy and Piggeldy – perched high in the foliage, so sturdy you won’t believe it, draft-free and complete with central heating for cosy two-night stays!

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4. The AirShip in a private woodland

airship 1 sussex

How about a stay in the AirShip, a giant insulated aluminium pod with luxurious décor surrounded by private woodland near the village of High Oaks in West Sussex. It’s available to rent on various websites for around £100-£120/night – it’s perfect for so many types of breaks: a writing retreat, romantic weekend, a birthday celebration, or no other reason than it would be fun to stay in and you deserve a weekend away!

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5. Your secret cabin on the lake

Admit it. You’re imaging yourself sitting on that deck, sipping an ice-cool glass of rose, the water gently rippling below, while your freshly caught fish barbecues to perfection.

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6. A charming Brighton seafront hotel

I often get asked by readers planning a trip to Brighton to recommend a charming, cool, cosy unique and inexpensive hotel and here’s a great place I love directing people to and highly recommend having had a mini staycation here once myself.

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7. Snow White’s Sussex Cottage

Welcome to Madame Butterfly, one is my favourites in the Sussex section of the site. It’s an old game keeper’s cottage hidden up a private lane, with its own lake and surrounded by woodland carpeted in bluebells in spring and snowdrops in winter. It looks like something straight out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I almost expect Dozy to come walking through the garden. And the price? Well, at £995 for a short stay, it’s certainly not cheap, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a look, does it?

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8. A Cottage of Curiosities

Dot Cottage in the pretty town of Rye in East Sussex is a quintessential English cottage – with a twist, a ‘cottage of curiosities’, in a row of old workers’ cottages, it’s quaint facade offering little clue to what lies behind the front door…

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If this isn’t enough inspiration, you might also want to check out my post on camping near Brighton and my guide to Brighton’s cosiest AirBnBs.

The End. 


  1. Just love this post Ellie! My favourites are the cabin and the floating home……always water for me!
    Wishing you a wonderful festive season, love vikki, Xx

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