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Did you move away from your hometown? For me, London is a city full of memories – some good, some not so good – of growing up. But each time I return, I discover something new, feel inspired but also nostalgic. Even though I moved to Brighton 15 years ago, am settled and visit London all the time, there are still things I miss – and don’t miss – from my hometown. Here’s my current list:

Things I miss:

My old friends
Cosy hidden Sunday pubs, like this one with a spicy twist
Little local go-to markets
Georgian townhouses frozen in time
London accents
Diverse culture and neighbourhoods
Small, quirky museums, like this one
Having a favourite Tube line
Discussing the most effective Tube journeys
Night-time drives over Chelsea Bridge into central London

Things I don’t miss:

The cost of things, especially houses
Taking aaaaaaaages to drive just one mile
Squeeeeezing onto a train or Tube in peak morning rush hour
Being pushed by people on the Tube
Scary, super-fast angry cyclists
No fresh air
Swathes of commuters dressed in grey and black

Post inspired by Nora Ephron’s list, What I’ll Miss, What I won’t Miss.

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  1. I miss my 2 best friends and the food from Rome. That's actually it! I really meant it when I left. Infact, I tried to escape once earlier when I moved (unexpectedly) to London. I miss many more things about London than Rome! The friends I made, how exciting and a bit alienating it can feel, neighbourhood life, SE London, pub life, park life, bookstores and second hand shops, amazing gigs/retro nights/dance halls, the juxtaposition of traditional and modern, vegan fare, youth culture, the freedom/quirkiness in dressing, people watching, people calling me "luv" and when it starts getting chilly in September. These are just my favourite ones! Sorry I don't think I'm helping you in not missing London…

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