Each year, Santa Claus takes a punt on the kind of travel-themed calendar I might like. Somehow, the expert-Christmas shopper’s choices are always on point. In 2019, I had the Vintage Paris one of these, New York for 2020, and vintage maps for 2021 and 2022 (he was in a rush). For 2023, in case he needs any hints, I wanted to leave these ideas here for a while, ahem. Happy Christmas and New Year! See you on the other side.

National Parks Wildlife Calendar 2023, £30 (Sold out but you can place a custom order)


Amber Davenport travel wall calendar 2023, £22


Cavallini & Co Vintage Travel wall calendar 2023, £23.99


Desert Sun 2023, £16.50

World Traveler 2023, £16


Rifle Paper Travel Calendar 2023, £23

Peggy and Kate Travel Calendar 2023, £17



Interplanetary vacations calendar, £7.99


Cavallini & Co California 2023, £16.50


Travel Destinations 2023, £25

Here’s to a happy 2023!

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