Do you try to order food in the local language when you’re on holiday? It doesn’t matter how good my intentions are, I’ll usually panic right at the last moment and end up pointing to what I want in the menu. Or, even worse, I’ll do that thing where you start talking more slowly and clearly in the hope they will all-of-a-sudden understand what you’re saying even though you’re still talking in English.

Obviously I’m excited to discover these How To Read The Menu In France, Italy and Spain phrase books from Herb Lester Associates. They’re tiny – just the size of a credit-card – so you can discreetly work out what’s what without anyone noticing. The end to embarrassing tourist moments in restaurants!

Herb Lester menu cards

Neglect the menu basics at your own risk!


  1. Awesome! And if going to a country not covered, invest in a Clark Griswold-esque digi translator. Magic!

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