My husband had a dream last night we were in Paris for the weekend – during the city’s lock down. The weirdest yet best part of the dream was how excited we were to find a department store open, which sold one type of product: coasters. Coasters? So to recap, we went to Paris during lockdown and the highlight was discovering and browsing a department store that specialised in coasters! I couldn’t help wondering whether it was a ‘less is more’ metaphor for lockdown life. Who knows! While we don’t have the freedom to travel to the city of light at the moment, we at least have our (bizarre) dreams, and these pretty paintings of Paris to look at that I found on Instagram.

Fabienne Delacroix paris paintings1

On first glance, they look old-fashioned, but are actually contemporary, painted recently by a native Parisienne, Fabienne Delacroix (such a great name). She’s been painting since the age of 10 years old and is known for her poetic and nostalgic scenes of Paris and elsewhere.

fabienne delacroix moulin rouge painting

Discover more of Fabienne Delacroix’s work here.

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