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Over dinner the other night, my friend told me she’d discovered an adorable tiny plant emporium hidden inside a vintage clothes shop in Brighton. Curiosity obviously got the better of me and of course, the next day, I had to hunt it down to see it for myself… This little botanical haven is called Spider Plant Shop and you’ll find it inside the intriguing Waiste Vintage on Gardner Street in the North Laine, in the same street as my favourite cinema and opposite this fun restaurant.

Waiste Vintage is one of the best vintage shops in Brighton, with racks packed with hippy dresses, flares and check shirts, and a vibe that transports you to 1970s California. You could lose yourself for hours rummaging the rails and trying things on, but right now, we need to make our way up the stairs.

…pausing at the second set of stairs to admire the illustrations of the Spiderplant Shop girl by talented Brighton illustrator, Jessica Sharville, and looking up for a little taste of what’s to come…

When you get to the top, turn right and you’ll have reached your destination! An amazing little greenhouse plant emporium called Spiderplant Shop! I know!

This cute whitewashed room is drenched in natural light and crammed with all kinds of plants: big and small, tall and short, leafy and spiky, flowery and wispy; their glorious foliage filling tables and shelves, hanging from the ceiling and crowding the floor.

It might seem random on first look, but the lovely owner, Alice Sharville, tells me it’s actually a carefully curated collection organised into little displays of contrasting and complementary plants in different pots, to help you easily imagine what they would look like in your own home.

“I started up Spiderplant Shop to help make it easier for people to choose plants, after failing too many times myself to find a good place to buy them that also offered advice on creating collections and looking after them.” Lucky for me, Alice decided to open her vision of the perfect plant emporium in Brighton.

Plants are scattered elsewhere around the shop, too, which helps you to picture what they’d look like in your own home and give you ideas might not have thought of. Dreamy!  

Find Spiderplant Shop on the second floor of Waiste Vintage at 3 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 1UP. 

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  1. I so need to come spend some time in Brighton. That place is stunning! I want everything in it….. x

  2. I love this – and all things Brighton and especially quirky, your posts are great 🙂

  3. I heard about this place the other week, but couldn't find it. Now I know where to go! Looks amazing.

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