the village pub hanover brightonMy series of hidden walks in Brighton and Hove continues! So far, we’ve explored the backstreets of Seven Dials and Brunswick Town in Hove. Today, we’re wandering around the neighbourhood of Hanover. Like all my other walks around the city, this one is self-guided and I’ve included a map at the end of the post.

Hanover is a compact neighbourhood on the east side of Brighton not far from Kemp Town, with a buzzy, friendly atmosphere, popular with couples. groups and families. It’s full of colourful terraced houses, a handful of shops, a few cafes, the odd take-away and LOADS of pubs.

hanover brighton hidden walk

I tend to start my walk around this Brighton neighbourhood with a snoop along Hanover Crescent, at the bottom of Elm Grove just opposite The Level park. This is one of Brighton’s hidden streets, most people tend to walk past without a glance on their way to Hanover or into town. There are 24 houses in the row, with two little lodges at either end. The street even has its own website and committee!house with front gardenOnce you’ve finished imagining what it would be like to live here, it’s time to move on. Walk about half way up Elm Grove and turn right onto Milton Road – you’ll see the Hilly Laine organic food shop on the corner, and start to meander from here up and around.

terraced house hanover brighton

Hanover hidden walk brighton and hovehanover colourful houses brighton hidden walk

There are so many little streets squished into this little area. One of the features I love are all the corner properties, some of them old shops, many of which look as though they’ve been lovingly restored.

old cobblers corner shop hanover brighton

As well as renovated corner shops, Hanover is also packed with good pubs. In fact, you could easily plan a pub crawl around Hanover alone. There’s The Village (pictured at the top of this post), set in a beautiful old historic building with a green-tiled facade that was due to be turned into flats. It’s more of a café-bar-pub, and it opened in 2015. Inside, it’s decked out in thrift shop furniture, feels really cosy and serves all day brunches, pub classics and drinks.

the geese hanover

The Dover Castle is another relaxed place and does good roasts, The Geese is good for live music. There’s The Constant Service which I’ve not been in but looks interesting from the outside. Oh, and let’s not forget this pub with its sunset view terrace.

Being the nerd that I am, while I was wandering, I noticed three streets named after Canadian cities -Montreal, Toronto, Quebec. I also spotted the Montreal Arms – funnily enough on Montreal Road – with a similar tiled facade to The Village, although way less inviting. I can’t help wondering what the connection is, and and yet to find this out. Stay tuned!pub entranceCafe-wise, as well as The Village and the Hilly Laine deli, there’s a little place called Wild Cherry up on Queen’s Park Road, which does healthy food like roasted vegetable toasties and lasagne, broccoli and  asparagus quiche, creamy soups and rich almond chocolate brownies. It’s a treat after the walk up Albion Hill to get there.

the pepper pot hanover brighton hidden walk

Tummies full, walk west along Queen’s Park Road where you’ll find an architectural curiosity known as the Pepper Pot. No one really knows much about it, except that it might have been an elaborate water tower. On your way towards Kemp Town, you’ll pass St Luke’s Swimming Baths, the only Victorian swimming baths in the city. It’s also open to the public.

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  1. I’m following you on IG and decided to check out your blog after seeing the picture of The Village pub in Hanover you shared – I’m thinking of doing the Hanover walk this weekend. Thanks for posting it.

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