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Obviously this is big debate right now. Greta Thunburg doesn’t fly anymore. Some friends recently announced they wouldn’t be either. And, although it might sound dramatic, I dreamt of a dystopian future in Brighton. The usually grey, rainy and windswept British seaside town I live in – was hot, humid, sticky, and airless – basically on fire.

Luckily, I have always loved slow travel. That is not taking a gazillion flights in one holiday; rather staying somewhere for a minimum of a week and really getting to know your local area. I also enjoy low-season travel, seeing as I don’t have children. Although I have always flown to my destination. I am, though, considering stopping flying, or at least flying less. Perhaps just once a year, or every other year. If you’re not sure where you stand, this video might help you decide. Joss Fong and her team at Vox look at the cost of air travel to our environment, investigate electric aeroplanes, and consider whether it’s wrong to fly in the age of climate crisis.

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