I was reading the fascinating website about the East End of London, Spitalfields Life, and came across a post about an East End local’s collection of vintage fruit wrappers, inspired by a holiday to Spain in 1971. My guess is there aren’t that many people that have gone around collecting vintage fruit wrappers, so this is probably something pretty rare.

She started collecting them when she was six years old, after a holiday to Spain in 1971. “Most of the papers stuck in my small scrapbook were picked up while shopping for groceries with my mother at the local greengrocers in Blackheath. They reminded me of that holiday with their bright and graphic imagery,” Keren McConnell tells Spitalfields Life.

“I was drawn to the designs and texture and feel of the crinkly tissue paper. I also collected carrier bags and paper bags for their graphics, but this collection did not survive all our house moves. This book of fruit papers may have even informed my career. I became a print and graphics designer for fashion brands and retailers, sometimes using this scrapbook as reference material to inspire a T-shirt design.” Her favourites were the designs depicting animals, beautiful ladies and the smiling face on the Sicilian lemon is particularly appealing. 

vintage fruit wrapper collection

The End. 

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