I’m a sucker for cool packaging and obv love chocolate, so my jaw dropped when I came across two in one – this delicious handmade chocolate in enticing whimsically illustrated wrappers that show Eve handing Adam a cup of hot chocolate in the Garden of Eden. Especially tempting…

Here’s a close up because the illustration deserves more than a glance…

The name Rowdy and Fancy’s caught my eye, too, and I knew immediately these intriguing sweet treats would be the perfect fit for my blog. It’s also made in Sussex, a bonus, seeing as I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting independent brands and makers to shout about close to home.

It’s not just the looks that make this chocolate brand brilliant. The chocolate itself is out this world;  so much smoother than others, and so decadent and rich at the same time; no bitter after taste. And look at the flavours! Fig and cinnamon (my favourite), St Clements – milk chocolate infused with orange oil, chilli lime, sweet rose, apricot and almond. There’s even bread and butter pudding and oatie crunch, and they’re always coming up with new concoctions.

The brains behind the operation is a bubbly girl called Annys, otherwise known as the ‘chocolate feind’, who works on new recipes with her mum and sister. She then sticks to selling her chocolatey creations at local shops around Sussex and on her website, orders arriving in packages tied in red ribbon.

Especially tempting! I think it’s high time you treated yourself, don’t you? Visit Rowdy and Fancy’s here.

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  1. Hi just wanted to let you know I designed and painted the cover for roudy and fancy chocolate !
    Kind regards
    Dean rush

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