lucy sparrow felt artistI’m a huge fan of art installations, and borderline obsessed with New York, and had I been planning a trip to the Big Apple, this installation by British artist, Lucy Sparrow, would have been top of my hit list. Seriously though, I must live under a rock, because I only just found out about her. She creates shops filled entirely with products made out of felt, all of them for sale.

So far, her corner shops have popped up in Brighton, London, and LA, even a sex shop in London’s Soho!  All  of which I missed. Now she’s back with her amazing, fake, ‘8 ’Till Late New York convenience store, filled with 9,000 items all for sale. I wasn’t even quick enough off the mark with my post which I wrote after the shop opened which was so popular all her felty goods flew off the shelves in record time forcing it to close early!

I thought we could take a look inside anyway. It was located at The Standard Hotel on the High Line, an urban park on an old railway line in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. It was filled from floor to ceiling with food products and objects you might find at a typical New York corner store from breakfast cereals, a deli counter brimming with meats, frozen foods, and spirits, a book shelf – all made from felt and a bit of paint. And just like a real store, every last thing was for sale!

From the fluffy Twix packets and the squishy Coke cans, to the fuzzy cold meat deli counter and deep freeze selection, Lucy hand stitches all these fabulously fluffy products herself, and even though the shop’s sold out, there are still some items for sale on her website.

If like me you didn’t get to New York on time, Lucy takes us on a little tour of her shop here:

She also has a few felty products for sale on her online shop here.

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