If you follow me on Instagram, you might know I just got back from Amsterdam. Dan surprised me a trip which included tickets to see Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) concert.
Naturally I turned it into a mini weekend of exploring – blog post coming soon – by Amsterdammer bike, which was so much fun, but with are sooooooo many obstacles to contend with like trams, cars, 100s of pedestrians, oh and the other million other people on bikes, at points I wondered if it was madness, even if I was caught up in the moment and excitement!

A Dutch photographer filmed an Amsterdam intersection (Mr Visserplein), in an attempt to show ‘It takes only 5 minutes to show the behaviour of some cyclists, pedestrians and cars in Amsterdam.” The video is mesmerising yet jaw dropping!


  1. Wow! They have street crossing down to a science over there! 😀 😀 I remember going on a bike outing some years ago with an actual guide. It was great as he taught us a lot about the ins and outs (and various rules and laws) of biking in Holland. But about 3 years ago I met up there with on Ottawa friend and her parents, and her father was nearly flattened to death by an oncoming army of cyclists! They screamed and swore at him. Poor man – he was completely traumatized.

  2. I saw some really stressed out cyclists too! They were obviously locals frustrated by meandering tourists on foot and on bikes!

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