It might look like an ordinary
Thai supermarket on a busy main street in Brighton and Hove, but this shop is actually hiding a secret in a cosy corner at the back. 

Walk through the front door, past the busy shelves crammed with Thai products – including bags of fortune cookies – towards the sign that reads ‘Noodle Bar’… 

Ta da! A miniature Thai cafe that looks just a dining room in someone’s Thailand home complete with pictures of the Thai king and gold trinkets everywhere!

It’s a no-frills place, but the simple decor is quirky and pretty, the tables decorated with fresh flowers, the walls hung with menu print outs (!) and traditional Thai paintings, and there are curious little cubby holes filled with Thai trinkets and foods. 



There’s even a picture of the Queen on one of the shelves, ha! ↑↑

The service is fast and no-nonsense – some might say unfriendly but I disagree – and for about £20-£25, two people can tuck into a king-size feast of two main dishes and two sides leaving you with full tummies.
The pad Thai, chicken with ginger and mushrooms and Massaman curry and morning glory stir fried in garlic all come highly recommended by me. It’s also a BYO so don’t forget to stock up on wine or beer before you arrive. 

unithai supermarket thai restaurant brighton

So next time you pass this ordinary looking Thai supermarket, take a second look, it might not be all that it seems!

Unithai is at 10 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2FL. It’s open Monday to Wednesday 10 – 6.30pm, Thursday to Saturday 10 – 8.30pm and Sunday 12 – 5pm.


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