On Bank Holiday weekend, I was biking along the seafront when I spotted people moving around under the bandstand. As I got closer, I could hear soft music playing and noticed that they were slow dancing in pairs. How romantic! Turns out they were learning something called Forro Family, the Brazilian version of Salsa. 


I stood and watched for a minute – it was basically people watching heaven. It would also make a nice date-night spot in Brighton (in nice weather – the sea mist had set in which didn’t make for great photos). Even if you don’t want to join in, sitting with a bottle of wine on a bench close by is mesmerising and atmospheric. 

The Brighton Forro Family group meets every Monday in Hanover, from 7-8pm, and welcomes beginners and dancers of all levels to join them, with occasional classes taking place on the bandstand. More information here.

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