I’ve lived in Brighton for 12 years and been on a lot of walks along the South Downs, I mean a lot. But the other day we were walking through some countryside, minding our own business when we happened to stumble upon a farm with a secret. I’m talking about Saddlescombe near Brighton with a flock of friendly sheep I HAD NO IDEA WERE THERE.

When you get to Saddlescombe Farm, just a 15-minute drive north of Brighton, you walk through the gate and into the farm grounds, then past the tea shop (where you can have a drink with the farm chickens for company)…

Following the sign for the ‘donkey wheel’, you head up a lane, past an eccentric-looking cottage on the left with skulls in the garden and eggs for sale outside, before climbing over a stile to your right.

A little way across the field, we spotted the flock of friendly sheep huddled together around a donkey wheel inside a small stone barn. At first, Dan had no idea the sheep would be friendly so hadn’t been expecting them to approach him.

But it wasn’t long before he realised and was surrounded!

Saddlescombe owners, Camilla and Roly, told us the reason these sheep are so friendly is because they’ve been hand reared, which happens when a ewe has triplets โ€“ too many mouths to feed on her own. They’re fearless of humans and are always on the hunt for milk! We stood with them huddled around us, as they rubbed their heads against us and nibbled on our coats. It’s such a sweet experience and they’re not aggressive at all. I almost wanted to take one home with me…

It was such a fun surprise on our Sunday stroll and I highly recommend a visit to Saddlescombe Farm to meet the friendly sheep!

Find Saddlescombe Farm at Saddlescombe Road, West Sussex, BN45 7DE.


  1. Love this post Ellie. I am already planning my visit soon. Especially if you can stop off for tea and cake on the way.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post – whoever you are! It was such an unexpected find. Let me know if you go – I'd love to hear all about it.

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