First, I brought you Secret Brighton. Today, I would like to share with you that my second guidebook, Secret Sussex, officially hits the selves mid-April! Bear with me while I take a moment for this to sink in. Because it’s been one hell of a project full of adventures. I pretty much spent the past year and a half – Covid delay in between – exploring, researching and writing my socks off to bring you the unique, the unusual, the unsung and unknown side of Sussex. I posted a little taster last year (here it is incase you missed it).

The result: a cool collection of 150 little-known, bizarre yet intriguing places in one charming gift-worthy package that will make you excited to explore. What I love most about Secret Sussex is the enticing front cover and all the beautiful photography throughout – each entry has its own full-page photo to get you in the mood – and that it’s easy to carry around. It’s also spread across five chapters each with a handy map.

Discover a glamorous Vogue war photographer’s surreal country escape, a Thai restaurant hidden in a bookshop, a grave shaped like a Pyramid, the setting for clandestine feasts in the forest, hidden vineyards, an unspoiled secret beach, a flower factory blooming in a Sussex basement…

Who is Secret Sussex for?

It’s for travellers with a vivid imagination who want more than the usual cliches, to dig deeper into a place, see beyond the obvious. It’s as much for city folk who wake up excited to escape and the armchair reader who may never get to travel to Sussex, but through its pages will be able to navigate its towns and villages and learn its stories, go behind doors. Whether you’re a lifelong local or new to Sussex and want to get to know it better, I’ve written this book for you.

Secret Sussex is out on 21 April. Pre-order your copy now at the Ellie & Co shop! If you’d like it signed and gift wrapped, let me know in the order notes. I’ll also keep you update on delivery progress.

Thanks for your ongoing support! I really appreciate it.

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