Aren’t these jackets rather fetching? I discovered them on a scroll through instagram and think they might be my favourite upcycled fashion item yet (except for these). Each jacket is unique and they’re handmade by a company called Psychic Outlaw – based in Austin, Texas, of course – out of vintage quilts. Let’s just have a look at a few they made earlier…

Here’s how it works: you can either supply your own quilt or buy one of theirs. They post new quilts on their website every Thursday morning at 8am CST. You then customise the style, shape, etc of your jacket when you check out. If you supply your own quilt, you do so by emailing photos and dimensions of it. Once it’s approved, you buy the ‘purchase your own quilt’ jacket style of your choice on their website. Then you just sit back and wait while the Psychic Outlaws get to work on your unique quilt jacket.

Explore the world of quilt jackets here.


The End. 

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