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Well hello readers! Today I bring good tidings and Christmas cheer! As a way of saying thank you for following along with my blog and supporting my guidebook, Secret Brighton, I am offering three lucky readers the chance to receive a signed and gift wrapped copy – just in time for Christmas!

If you’re here for the first time, and don’t know much about my book, you can have a flick through it, here.

How to enter: Leave a comment below and follow me on Facebook. That’s it!

A winner will be chosen at random on Friday 11 December. Good luck!

(PS When you add your comment, it really helps if you leave your email address which remains confidential – some people don’t for whatever reason – so I can contact you if you are lucky enough to be chosen. Thanks!) 

*This giveaway is now closed and the winners chosen. Thanks to everyone for playing!*

Happy Holidays! 

The End. 


  1. Your fascinating Brighton insights are what inspired me to dig into the history of my home during lockdown. Imagine my horror when I discovered a double murder suicide took place in the bedroom in 1890. A murder so brutal that ‘pieces of brain were scattered across the room’.
    I haven’t slept since.

    Ps I very much enjoy following your Instagram. Really interesting!

  2. Ooh this is such a nice idea! I love Brighton and have lots of Brighton based friends (and I’d love to surprise them with my superior knowledge of their home town!) ?

  3. I can’t really beat the other comment about their bedroom! ?

    I love living here my favourite secrets are The Chattri, the lift into the Concord2 and the best secret of all is the view from East Brighton Golf course. Incredible.

  4. Jill Squire Reply

    I’ve lived in Brighton for 35 years and despite thinking that I know everywhere, I know I don’t. I would love to find out all of your secrets and perhaps share some of mine with you?

    • I’d love to have a copy of this book as I have rekindled my hobby of photography during lockdown which means I’m always wanting to find new and interesting places to visit! This book would give me so many ideas!

  5. After reading Chrissie’s comment about the bedroom I am off to do some digging of my own!

    Fab book – I have bought it twice as gifts for friends but never got around to owning a copy myself.

  6. Hi Ellie ??‍♀️
    I am a big fan of your page on Instagram and would loooove to visit Brighton.
    I am a big fan of the UK and of places with a heart. Cute independent shops, lovely lunch spots,… They each make my heart beat faster ?
    It seems like Brighton c
    ould be the perfect match for my next post lockdown trip and your book would be the best guide ?
    Many kisses
    Kim Depoorter
    (@vintage_streetlife on IG)

  7. Justin Hill Reply

    I’m a deep lover of history and Brighton. I am Brighton born and bred and have lived here pretty much my entire life (apart from some time in Thailand). My photographs have been used by the West Pier Trust and I am forever trying to find out more about this enigmatic and enthralling city of ours by the sea.

  8. Hi again! My partner is an architectural historian & has opened my eyes to all sorts of nooks & crannies in Brighton I missed despite living here 25ys! It would make the ideal Xmas present! ? ?

  9. Fantastic giveaway! I would love to learn some secrets about my own city, you always look up places in new cities you go to but I never think to do it in my own city. Delving in to have a flick now!! X

  10. Sara Alfano Reply

    So excited to see hidden gems of Brighton I might not have seen before!

  11. Alec Brown Reply

    We’ve visited Brighton regularly for the last 20+ years but maybe have now become stuck in our ways and tend to visit the same places.
    Thanks to you Instagram feed we have started to find new places to explore.

  12. I would love to win a copy of this wonderful book, it’s my birthday this week and it would make a wonderful present for myself ?

  13. We were supposed to visit Brighton for the first time last summer but Covid-19 had other plans.. Here’s to seeing Brighton in 2021!!

  14. I moved here a few years ago and still on the lookout for new things! Last time my friend visited, he said that he didn’t want to come back because we end up doing the same thing, this book will definitely make sure that doesn’t happen again and encourage him to visit again!

  15. The book looks fab…I love a little Brighton jaunt & would love to see what secrets you have to make our next trip down even more special x

  16. Whenever I visit Brighton I always go to the same obvious places and always think (in fact, know) there is so much more to this city that I should be exploring- this book will allow me to do just that

  17. Michelle Wild Reply

    My son went to Sussex University and loved it in Brighton I think this would make a fab stocking filler for him.

  18. Lesley Andrews Reply

    I’d love to find all the secret places Brighton has to offer please. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to visit them soon.

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