Believe it or not, I met a person at the pub this summer who was wearing a shirt with a painted on pocket and collar, which made me think of these Hermes dresses I spotted on Pinterest a while ago. I’m almost tempted to get my paintbrushes out…

After a bit of research, I found out that it’s from a collection called ‘Trompe L’oeil’ designed by Hermes Paris in 1952, in which plain lengths of fabric were screen printed with painted details like lapels, buttons and pockets, the fabric then cut and sewn into garments. The photos are from a shoot by Gordon Parks for LIFE magazine.

Apparently, the dresses were copied with permission in the US by a designer called Herbert Sondheim later in the same year. They sold for $29.95, roughly about $259 today. Despite putting in a call to the Hermes Paris PR team, it’s still not known whether any of the Sondheim copies are in this photos album or not. If they call me back with any information, I’ll update the post…

hermes trompe l'oie


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