I’ve become a bit into needlework at the moment. Not sitting in an armchair doing the needlework myself– I’m not quite there yet, although I’m close… I just really quite like looking at this stuff and today wanted to share these embroidered beauties. I can’t take my eyes off them. What with Christmas coming up, I thought they’d also make a great gift idea for that person in your life who loves upcycling, all things DIY, and homemade.

These limited-edition patches are created by Brightonian, Ellie MacDonald  from her little studio in the city when she’s not freelancing in London. What’s special about them is that because they’re hand- drawn, freehand machine embroidered, then finished by hand, each one is unique.

She uses a Vintage Irish Singer and a Juki free-hand sewing machine to create them, which she says produces a beautiful stitch at a fast speed. I actually just lost myself watching this video of her in action on her Instagram account.

Here are some she made earlier…

How the process works: Ellie makes a batch of patches, opens up her online shop to sell them, and closes it when they’ve sold out which they do, fast, hence why each one is a limited edition. So you have to be quick off the mark. She then restocks when she’s made another batch.

Each patch comes in its own gift box and wrapped in Ellie Mac paper.

She also collaborates with other brands, takes bespoke orders and occasionally sells jackets and sweatshirts she decorates herself with her patches.

Delve into the exquisite world of Ellie Mac, here.


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