I just read that the British drink 165 million cups of tea a day. That’s 60.2 billion a year! So, with another lockdown coming up, winter on the horizon and the cold chills moving in, I say now is the perfect time to curl up and invest in one of these adorable little teapots, if only to spice up your tea drinking ritual. Bonus point: they’re made on home turf in England by a company called Ceramic Inspirations from their workshop in Yorkshire. There are teapots designs for every kind of personality and they’d make ideal gifts for all tea lovers. Here are some favourites to whet your appetite:

English Picnic teapot, £51
Orient Express Limited Edition teapot, £99
Touring Caravan Limited Edition teapot, £99
Golden Syrup teapot, £71
Sunday Lunch Aga large teapot, £107
French Stove Limited Edition teapot, £71
airstream novelty teapot
Airstream large teapot, £104
apothecary novelty tea pot
Apothecary teapot, £99
sewing machine novelty teapot
Sewing Machine large teapot, £107
Cuckoo Clock large teapot, £99
vanity case novelty teapot
Make-up case teapot, £51
farrah's harrogate toffee novelty teapot
Farrah’s Harrogate Toffee teapot, £71

Stew over Ceramic Inspirations’ entire collection of novelty teapots, here.


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