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You should never judge a book by its cover, or so the saying goes. But they haven’t said you shouldn’t judge a product by the packaging alone, have they? I’m a total sucker for things in snazzy packaging, and am happy to admit I have been known to judge on – and buy things for – the packaging. I also happen to have gathered quite a collection of pictures of products I’m finding hard to resist the aesthetic lure of. So today, I gathered a few of my faves to share with you.


 1. Art nouveau soaps from Portugal

claus porto soap collection

I could stare at these colourful soaps wrapped in vintage Art Nouveau-inspired packaging all day long. If I owned this box, I don’t think I’d even want to use any of them, they look too nice altogether. They also transport me back to Porto – where they’re made – one of my favourite European cities. If you think a box of nine is excessive, they also come in smaller boxes and are sold separately, too.

claus porto gift boxes

Discover the world of Claus Porto here


2. Laid back natural beauty

These beautiful bottles scream out laid-back beach vibes, don’t you think? Turns out Goldie’s is a natural beauty range based at Rockaway Beach, New York. It was launched in 2009 by a herbalist called Sarah Trogdon, after her homemade soaps and special fragrance combinations became such a hit with family and friends. She now does hand soaps, shower gels, body oils, face products, hair care, and candles.

goodies organic

Discover Goldies here. Not for sale in the UK or Europe as far as I can see, but they do ship internationally.


3. English country gardens in a bottle

These delightful flower filled bottles of bath essence in traditional packaging are a feast for the eyes and look far too nice to actually use. They come in six scents: lavender, rose, amber, bluebell, jasmine and green tea. I also love that they’re made in England by the same company for over a 100 years.

Discover Fruits of Nature here.


4. Disco vibes Deodorant

I love this for no other reason than it makes me think of the 1970s, particularly roller discos. Digging a bit deeper, it actually gets amazing reviews for a natural deoderant so would buy it for that too, but having been lured in by the packaging first.

Discover Mega Babe here. Not for sale in the UK or Europe but they do ship internationally.

5. Mystical skin cream

The words “secret magical cream” on this packaging had me at hello. I’m also intrigued by the fact it’s 100% natural and can be used as so many things – face moisturiser, eye cream, hair mask,  baby cream, shaving balm and anything else you can think of. It also works wonders on skin irritations and redness, apparently.

Discover Egyptian Magic here.


6. Luxury Hand cream, with a twist

Not soap, but bars of hand cream in beautiful tins, who knew? Handmade in Scotland.

Discover Edinburgh Skincare hand cream bars here.


7. French floral Fancies

Christian lenart floral water

I have to admit that when I first set eyes on this bottle, I didn’t care at all what was in it. Together with the label, it had me on first glance. Obviously it’s a bonus I do actually like the sound of the product – floral rose water. It was developed in the 1960s and comes in lots of different scents, each with a different coloured label, which makes it impossible to chose one, so be warned you’re in danger of buying them all.

Discover Christian Lennart floral water here.


8. Bohemian body care

I love the earthy style design on these enticing little tubs, tubes, packets and bottles which make me think of simple, carefree living. This homegrown organic beauty company was started by Linda ‘Lulu’ Aldredge, ed up with all the chemical-laden big-brand stuff on offer. It focuses on simple, pared-down products with food-grade ingredients and no preservatives

Discover Lulu Organics here.


9. Elaborate Old-world Cologne

This blue bottle of cologne dates back to 1792! Although this one looks as though it’s aimed at men, it’s actually a unisex fragrance made with a divine-sounding combination of essential oils – Bergamot, lemon, and orange to revitalise; lavender and rosemary to calm, relax and strengthening the nerves; and neroli to boost the mood. I’m also keen on this pink one too.

Discover 4711 here.


10. Bright all-purpose Balms

A total sucker for these all-purpose balms, regardless of whether any of them would work with my skin tones. Although, turns out that my tube of choice – tinted peach pink balm – furthest on the right just happens to suit me.  Phew.

Discover Dr Paw Paw here.


11. Legendary lavender water

Again it’s all about the vintage-style bottle, never mind the cologne. That dark green, swoon! Lavanda was first introduced in Portugal in 1887 and is now legendary around the country. It still uses the same formula which has been passed unchanged down the line. It isn’t just a dab-on cologne. It can be used to fragrance laundry by adding it diluted to a steam iron, a small amount to your washing machine tray, or spraying onto freshly ironed linen.

Discover Lavanda here.


12. Original vitamin E Cream

The design on this pot makes me think of English homes in the 1940s and 50s, war time spirit, home cooking, the home front, land girls, that kind of thing! What I also love is that it just happens to be made not far from Brighton in Sussex, from the oldest cosmetics manufacturer in the country! They also do night cream, cleanser and toner.

Discover John Gosnell here


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