Michelle pfeiffer scarface 1983

Were you into the The Sopranos? I was obsessed with it, I binge watched it in a month. Goodfellas and The Godfather are two of my favourite books, and I can almost watch that scene in Scarface without covering my eyes… So, I guess you could say I’m pretty into Mafia-related culture! That Italian-American drawl, those scenes of dusty, old Sicily, the streets of Manhattan… swoon. (Totally random fact: I walked past Christopher Montisanti from The Sopranos in New York the last time I was there!)

adrianna the sopranos

There’s another great bit about watching Mob flicks (for me, anyway…) Seeing the Mafia wives’ wardrobes – all those flashy prints and loud jewellery! I tend to get easily distracted watching films taking in details of actors’ costumes (and other things) I completely lose sight of the plot! While I hang around in jeans and a sweatshirt, Mafia wives and girlfriends make grand efforts in their high-fashion power suits and dresses – just to run errands or cook the dinner.

So, you can imagine by excitement when I found this gem of a video montage of mafia wives fashion. What better way to celebrate 20 years since The Sopranos came out? So grab an Old Fashioned, kick back, and enjoy!

Via here.

(Photos: Michelle Pfeiffer, Alamy; Adrianna and Carmella in The Sopranos via here.)

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