I reeeeeally am obsessing over creating a gallery wall at home but am getting totally overwhelmed trying to choose the art, AND the frames, help! To save my brain, I might simply copy this entire set up I found on The Selby website.

Firstly, I hadn’t thought to hang lots of photos above the bed, but it looks so pretty. Secondly, love the mix of art, from the still life apples and flowers, portraits and prints and pencil drawings, to how they’re casually hung, a bit wonky, not too neat, the scene finished off with a psychedelic pillow. Here are some more to get you in the mood…

(All these beautiful pictures via The SelbyDesign SpongeEtsyAn Indian SummerHouse and GardenAnd NorthLaurel and Wolf)


  1. I didn't realise how hard it is to curate pictures until I tried it – drove me insane. Mr Mole made me a really thin shelf so that I can move pictures around and change my mind when it suits. Which is a lot 😉

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