Do you have a tattoo? I envy the people with them, mainly because I’m way too indecisive to get one. When I shop for clothes, what I might like one minute, I can’t understand what I saw in the next. Therefore getting a tattoo = way too risky for me. Although I’m quite liking these temporary sophisticated options: vintage Vogue tattoos from Tattly to coincide with Vogue’s 125th anniversary.

Via Swiss Miss.


  1. I have 7 tattoos…my rule of thumb was always to wait a year before i commited and i'm so glad i did because some of my ideas were absolutely embarassing. I have to say i'm surprised i really like how these look on the models, both the b/w and the vibrant ones!

  2. Have you really? Too right to wait a year as tastes change so much in that time! And so much can happen. You must be a very decisive person though still. You should blog about your tattoos!

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