Terracotta pots are nice, but if you had a collection of little cacti  and if your taste is a bit random like mine – you could hunt down lots of different textured and colourful pots and create your very own indoor desert garden. Here are some more. 

This smiling pot is from Atelier Stella ceramics.


Or how about old food tins?

Or mid-century-style cups…

Your desert garden could appear on the wall, too.


Why not throw a dotty decorated ceramic pot into the mix?

Plain pink might be girly but it looks good with a cactus. 


Photos found on Pinterest.


  1. Now I did not know that. It's good to know, although having looked, her earlier version looks nicer and more homemade, if that makes sense. On her website it says she's having an online sale on 8th August at 8.30pm…

  2. To be honest, the collection kind of reminds me of the stuff in your lovely flat. I need to do a post on your flat alone! IT's beautiful 🙂

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