I’m a sentimentalist, and today I thought I’d write this ‘sentimental’ post to say that I’m thinking of my mum, who died 14 years ago. She was only 54 and I was 25. There isn’t a week goes past when I don’t think about her. Sometimes the loss feels far away, but other days it punches me in the face. I still think I’m going to walk in through the front door and see her sitting on the sofa reading, and drinking a cup of tea. She was so brave and strong when she was sick, and never once complained about it.

I think, when you lose your mum, you lose your best friend, your teacher, your guide, your support and your mirror. You lose the only person in life who would take a bullet for you. That relationship is magical, irreplaceable and there isn’t a week that goes past when I don’t think about her.

So, here’s to our lovely, warm, beautiful, patient, kind, funny, talented and generous mum.

Psst. My parents were awesome.


  1. El, I loved reading this post about your mum and it made me cry. You were so young, and how has 14 years passed so quickly? You've coped amazingly and I feel for you today El. Wxx

  2. I'd never thought of the fact that a mum is the one person who'd take a bullet for you. Wow, powerful stuff. Love you loads sis xx

  3. I can't imagine losing your mum at such an early age. I still have my mum but she is getting on in years and I can see how she's slowing down. Sometimes I look at her and I can feel a lump in my throat because I know there are limited years left. We're not a touchy feely family but I try to give her a hug when I can – I think she secretly likes it 🙂

  4. I've just realised I did not reply to this Sue. I'm so sorry! I read it at the time though. Our family isn't touchy feely either but I think everyone secretly likes it when someone is first to reach out. Here's to being touchy feely!

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