Artist Justina Blakeney lives in a 1926 Spanish-style bungalow in LA which she calls The Jungalow. She has the most amazing talent for spotting random treasures amid all the junk at

flea markets and knack of combining them to create beautiful roomsHer perfect mix of giant plants, clashing colours, random art, fascinating worldy nick nacks and furniture is sending me into a spin with decorating ideas! 

Justina’s story: “Our space is all about creative reuse, personalisation, vivid colours, bold patterns, worldly and thrifted finds, and lots and lots of plants–Jungalow style is tropical and bohemian, very vintage and very cozy. Jungalow is about bringing the eclecticism of nature and the wild–indoors.” Here’s a little peek inside…

“We painted the kitchen green because we wanted it to look like a greenhouse.”

“We had this mid-century style custom wall unit built for us by a local LA craftsman.”

“The living room is a riot of color and pattern, a Mexican vintage rug, and a host of pillow I schlepped back from Turkey.”

“In the bedroom, we’ve painted over old thrift-store furniture…”

“And a cluster of old windows works as a wall installation for rotating art.”

“A vintage suzani cover and a Turkish towel hanging over head make my bedroom feel like a wild retreat.”

Here I’ve transformed a vintage cubby cabinet into a little vertical garden…and finished of the look with a couple of recycled newspaper heads from Anthropologie. Succulents don’t need a ton of water and live happily in the cubby planters.”

“The same guy who built the shelves in the living room built this window seat/desk that I designed.”

“The nursery used to be my closet, but I upholstered one wall….and added a mix of new pieces and craigslist finds…”

Visit The Jungalow here

Top photo via here.

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