I have to get settled with a large cup of coffee in preparation to be transported, as soon as I come across anything Wes Anderson related. Today, I can’t stop staring at these perfect painted mini movie sets inspired by Wes Anderson films and just had to share them with you. There’s even a tiny luggage set from The Darjeeling Limited in one!

They’re the work of Spanish artist, Mar Cerda, who creates everything – such as the patterned wallpaper, towels hanging on a hook, the bespoke Louis Vuitton suitcases from The Darjeeling Limited – by hand using only paper and watercolour paint. This one she says took around two to three weeks to make! She’s also created mini scenes from The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums.

Here’s a little behind-the-senes photo of her work station. She says the process is like a kind of meditation. “I lose myself in the cutting and the details, then I forget to eat or what time it is.” You could say the same thing happens when you’re looking at them…

But her work doesn’t just stop at Wes Anderson. There are lots of dioramas in her collection, such as this recreation of Brancusi’s house…

Then there’s Eames’ living room…

Although I think I’ve just fallen for these tiny Portuguese houses in Portuguese tuna cans, inspired by the architecture of Lisbon and Porto.

Explore all of Mar Cerda’s work on her website here.


  1. This is Incredible! I LOVE anything Wes Anderson…and now I like anything miniature in tuna tins. Thanks for sharing – got my culture hit for the day 😉 xx

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