We showed our tickets to the concierge who pointed us toward the vintage elevator – one of those old-timey ones with a concertina-screen door the token bad guy in 70s crime movies
would use as an escape hatch – and made our way up to the fifth floor, the anticipation palpable. After a ding of the bell, we slid open the screen and ta da! Here we were in front of a cocktail bar, and  just around the corner, a cute little pop-up cinema surrounded by Airstream trailers! Let me introduce The Pink Flamingo, a picturehouse paradise on top of the historic Grandaddy Hotel in the centre of Cape Town. 

(I don’t want to lie to you. This place, despite sounding like a photographic marvel, was the hardest place to shoot in the world. It didn’t matter where I pointed my iPhone, all that shiny metal and nightfall were my enemies.)

We almost forgot to claim our complimentary gin-fizz cocktail and bag of popcorn before the film began, in favour of nosing around the place, all the time wondering why we hadn’t checked in. This was definitely my most exciting cinema date night yet… despite the fact the only film on show was The Notebook (which I secretly love.)

All too soon it was over, although, you didn’t think I’d let you go without having a little peek inside those wonderful vintage Airstream trailers, did you? There are seven in total each with its own original US Postal Service Mailbox, and decorated in a different style to reflect the South African road trip experience: ‘beach’, ‘winelands’, ‘city flights’, ‘blooming daisies’, ‘gold rush’, ‘safari’ and ‘desert’.

I can imagine drifting off into the land of nod as I plan my next adventure inside ‘City Flights’, wallpapered in vintage flight maps. 

Or how about a night under the African stars in the ‘Rooftop Safari’ themed Airstream?

The Pink Flamingo cinema is on every Tuesday night at The Grandaddy Hotel, 38 Long Street, Cape Town.

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