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It’s always the nights out you’re not in the mood for, but go to anyway, you end up having the best time at. Don’t you agree? Had I given into the lure of a cosy Twin Peaks bingefest, I wouldn’t have gone to a party, met a lovely artist called Pam, and found out about a fun-sounding exhibition she curated with her friend, Emily. Intrigued, the next day, I wandered through town for a nosey.

It’s called Urban Miniatures and you’ll find it hidden inside an abandoned shop near Brighton seafront. What’s special about it, is that it’s not like most exhibitions where you browse art on walls. Pam and Emily have created a miniature world made up of lots of teeny tiny houses, shops and vintage trains – each one hand painted by one of 40 international contemporary urban artists.

“We were just so bored seeing the same old exhibitions all the time, we wanted to create something memorable and different, that would stand out,” Pam told me. “We even managed to get Goldie to do one, and Maxim from the Prodigy!”

There’s so much tiny detail to take in you’ll be mesmerised, like on the church created by Candice Tripp which comes complete with a collection of miniature gravestones, Tinsel Edwards’ derelict house covered in ‘keep out’ signs and graffiti, and the optical illusion mural painted on a mini hotel by Peeta. You’ll also be totally captivated by the little pool train by Tiny Scenic doing circuits of its miniature home town.

urban miniatures brighton

paxton glew urban miniatures brighton

urban miniatures paxton glew brighton

urban miniatures brighton

urban miniatures brighton paxton glew

Discover the intriguing tiny world of Urban Miniatures at 11 Duke’s Lane until 22 December. If you can’t get there before it ends on 22 December, prints, models, and other art gifts are also available on their online shop here. Happy holidays!

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