Working from home means I spend an embarrassingly large amount of time in my local coffee shops, ‘getting out the house’. Until last week, bumping into Fiveways Wilf was something I looked forward to as much as my daily cappuccino.

Wilf was a beautiful fluffy kind-natured ginger cat, famous and much-loved in the neighbourhood for his unique personality which sent him on epic wandering sessions around the streets, venturing much further from home than most cats would – mainly to visit all his favourite shopkeepers, particularly the local estate agents.

↓ Wilf having coffee in The Flour Pot Bakery

↓ Hanging out at Preloved of Brighton

↓ Waiting for the estate agents to open!

↓ At the bookshop…

↓ At the hairdressers…

↓ Stocking up on arts and crafts supplies…

↓ Lazing outside Tilt Coffeeshop

As you can see, Wilf truly was so much more than ‘just a cat’. Wilf was a special friend; and a local legend. Wilf brightened up the lives of so many people in the community, even hosting regular ‘meet ups’ for ‘fans’, and raising £1,000 for the local Lost Cats Brighton charity! He was coolest cat in Brighton, if not the world, but sadly last week, he passed away.

In the past couple of years, Wilf loved to wander the local area so much, his owner, Johanna, got so many calls about where he was, she set up a Facebook page called Fiveways Wilf, mainly as a way of keeping tabs on him. It started to grow slowly, with people posting their sightings of Wilf on it and selfies, too, and today it has 2,700 followers, from as far away as Japan.

Whenever I felt isolated in the house or was struggling to find inspiration, I could clear my head with a trip to one of my local coffee shop for a cappuccino and a catch up with Wilf. I’d order my coffee and we’d sit together outside the cafe, Wilf purring contentedly next to me on his own chair, both of us watching the world go by. So this is my tribute to Fiveways Wilf.

Wilf touched the hearts of so many, so much so that when Johanna went to pay his vet bill, she discovered that someone had already settled it, anonymously. Rest in Peace lovely Fiveways Wilf. Everyone misses you.

(All pictures from the Fiveways Wilf Facebook page)


  1. I can't tell you how much I loved this! Looks like he had a pretty great life & needed a tribute…

  2. Oh what a character. And it brought a tear to my eye at the end but what a lovely little tribute. x

  3. Oh what a character. And it brought a tear to my eye at the end but what a lovely little tribute. x

  4. Awwww Wilf looked like a proper dude. Can't believe I never encountered him in my time Fiveways. Bye Wilf, may you reign over all dudes.

  5. This is a lovely read …. my local pub landlady asked after him as she saw the badge on my jacket and was quite upset at the news although she wasnt a true wilf fan she had heard of him

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