She’ll bake you a show stopping bespoke wedding cake, birthday cake or even a box of cupcakes, each one designed to look like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Luisa Pringle is baking’s answer to flower-loving Mexican surrealist artist, Frida Kahlo, for her bold colours, adventurous floral decorations and exciting flavours – think vanilla sponge with rum-spiked icing, cappuccino Kahlua sponge with hazelnut, espresso icing, lemon and mint with rosemary. Let’s drool over and find out more about our modern-day Frida’s creations…

“I wanted to create botanical inspired cakes that look like a piece of nature. Cakes that although are well thought out and curated look natural and effortless, and I wanted the decorations on the top to add texture and a hint of sweetness,” she tells me. “My range of BouCakes are my signature bakes, designed and styled to look like beautiful bouquets of flowers, decorated using hand painted dried fruit petals, fresh berries and seasonal edible flowers.”

abielle bakery brighton cakes

Each of these edible works of art is made with love in her little “micro bakery”, Abeille Bakery, which she runs from her home in Brighton. “I set it up as I want to really concentrate on each order individually. I’m not interested in mass produced cakes that fly out of the door in a few hours. My cakes are a labour of love and made with care and attention to detail.”

She’s been baking since she was 11 and her style has change over the years. “At first, I would make ambitious three-tier cakes that were covered in chocolate and totally decadent if not a little wonky due to my lack of experience!” she says. “Baking professionally taught me how to batch bake productively and price products. Working as a pastry chef for a small cafe, I continued to develop my own style and techniques.”

abeille bakery brighton

abeille bakery brighton

Initially she looked to Instagram for inspiration. “I got obsessed with colourful drip cakes, pioneered by Unbirthday Bakery in Australia, but then became fascinated by cakes from The Bakemonger in Frome decorated using dried fruit.”

Oh, let’s not forget the name. “It’s pronounced Abe-y; it’s French for honey bee,” she says. “I wanted a name to reflect the botanical inspiration behind my brand. It also reflects my ideals, like using eco-friendly and forward-thinking botanical ingredients such as herbs and spices, and wasting as little as possible. It’s also French, which to me signifies effortless quality and high standards without being overly formal.”

abeille bakery brighton

Drool over Luisa’s creations here and here.

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