Welcome to January! Hope you’ve had a wonderful and restful holiday? I’ve eaten my body weight in Terry’s Chocolate Orange and need to get back into it.

First order of business, will you make any new year’s resolutions? I’m curious to know… I didn’t make any last year, other than to say that 2016 would be our year of ‘yes’, which meant we tackled the bucket list with a trip-of-a-lifetime to Cape Town, a weekend in Porto, got tickets for the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, ate dinner in a Belle Epoque bar in Paris, discovered the secret island of Gozo (post to come…), bought some art, found the Venice of Portugal, spent lots of time rediscovering my own city and went on a date to London’s oldest cinema. Tired, much?

Here are a few resolutions I may, or may not, stick to for this year:

Visit to this swinging 60s rainbow hotel

Learn a party trick

Get over my fear of bridges…

Create more curious travel posts for my ‘Curious reasons to visit…’ series. First one here.

Wear heels more. (Learn to walk in them first.)

Use my set of movie hotel notepads, rather than just stare at them in the box.

Start a collection of this vintage travel magazine.

Choose a cool woman from history to admire.

P.S. 18 Ways to Survive Brighton in the Winter.



  1. Glad I'm not the only Terry's addict! I've often wanted to visit that hotel – spent a month in Cali a few years ago and never went to Palm Springs! (did mostly national parks).

    How about a resolution to come to central Canada for a few weeks (Quebec City – Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto by train?) 😀

  2. Sam (sam_chi) Reply

    Happy new year to you! Love your resolutions/bucket list from last year and this year. Much better than eat less and exercise more!
    It's my birthday today but going to try not to overindulge….. My resolution is to to go for more walks and explore more. Will have to try out that lovely bar when we head back to Paris this weekend.

  3. Hi Sam! You inspired me to change the headline! Thanks for that! Oh you must go to the bar. It's laid back but a treat. Let me know how you get on. And happy birthday lovely! x

  4. Hey! Thanks for reminding me to stop by the blog. So glad I did. I will be adding it to my list of blogs to check out regularly during my lunch break. Such great content! Everything is right up my alley. As for my New Year's Resolutions: I'd like to post more frequently on my own blog, book a few acting jobs on primetime television, explore the U.S. a bit more and of course write & photograph all about it (I'm actually planning a cross country trip). But most importantly, I'm going to have to steal some of your resolutions! You've got some great plans…Those movie hotel notepads are fabulous!

  5. Yanis! So lovely to see you here. And thanks for the kind words. I love writing my blog so will have you mind when I do 🙂 Wow – primetime TV, eh? Keep me posted – sounds impressive. And I'm certainly jealous of your cross-country trip. Definitely post on your blog – I'd love to follow it. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  6. Loving your blog Ellie. Apologies, it's taken me a while to find the time to have a read. Now that's a list of resolutions! Although, I think walking in heels is a life skill, rarely achieved in just a year! I've had such a busy start to the year that I haven't even thought about my goals for 2017. I'm off home to South Africa in March for 3 weeks and may use the time then to sit back, relax and plan. I have a good feeling about it all though, I think it's going to be a good one!! x

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