Although I am obsessed with travelling and adventures, a hobby known to involve facing heights at one point or another, I’m a total heights phobe. I can’t go on the Brighton i360 and haven’t changed tube trains at Westminster underground station in years as the futuristic-like escalators scare me to death.

Oh,  and I once had to be rescued by a sympathetic tourist as I froze to the spot, white-faced and sobbing in the middle of the Millennium Bridge. Crossing bridges, my heart pounds, my legs turn weak, I go dizzy, and feel the urge to lie down in case I involuntarily throw myself off. Irrational, I know. Sometimes I’ll have to hold my friends’ hands; I’ve even asked strangers to help me across when I’m caught out with no other option!

So you can imagine my reaction when when I saw this terrifying video of people crossing a glass-bottomed suspension bridge in China. OMG! Dan told me not to watch it but curiosity got the better of me…

Pssst. Fancy dinner in the sky? (I’ll watch from below…)



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