1. Geek chic gets a glittery makeover 

    According to Gucci, it’s all about luxury geek chic for spring/summer 2016, and adding as much glitter as is sensible. 





Found on Vogue and Glamour

2. Tears by Man Ray, 1930.

I’ve always wondered who this picture was by. Now I know. 

Found on I Like Old Things.


2. “I decorated my parents’ house for Halloween…”

LA-based photographer, Christine McConnell, enjoys baking in her spare time. But not just any old kind of baking. She likes to create terrifying cakes while she’s dressed
as a 1950s housewife… Although this year, she decided to apply her fascination with creepy aesthetics in a different way, decorating her parents’ house for Halloween, turning it into a giant sleepless house-monster with fangs. 




Found on Bored Panda.

3. Here are some ‘Arty’ surfboards.

Boom-Art in the South of France sells limited edition surf and skateboards including these ones decorated with 15th-century European artworks. 





Found on Bored Panda.

4. James Dean, hours before he died, September 1955.

According to his TIME obituary, James Dean was the ‘most promising young cinemactor of 1955’, a career tragically cut short when he crashed his car on the way to a road race he was entering. “Among the haunting images of that day is this photograph above. One of the last known pictures of the star alive, it was taken at a gas station in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles, as Dean fuelled up en route to the race he never made.” 

Found in the LIFE archives.

5. Let’s peek inside this amazing Brooklyn townhouse with a writers’ shed. (Honestly, I’d be happy with just the shed.)

I could use a new office, and would be more than content to use the shed that comes with this amazing recently completely gutted three-storey high townhouse in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. 











Found on Trendland.


6. Quentin Tarantino’s original cast list for Pulp Fiction.


This is one of my all-time favourite movies and I can’t imagine anyone else starring in it. But apparently, Tarantino had different people lined up for lead roles. He wanted Michael Madsen to play Vincent (with Travolota as strong second), John Cusack to play Lance, Matt Dillon to play Butch, and Laurence Fishbone to play Jules. Another possibility for Jules was Eddie Murphy. Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman weren’t even listed. Gary Oldman, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp and Alec Baldwin were considered for several roles but didn’t appear. 

Found on Open Culture

8. LEGO for adults…

I bet you didn’t see this coming? Just when you’d hit the reminiscing-about-LEGO stage of life, designer and illustrator Akihito Mizuuchi has gone and made it out of chocolate, giving adults a reason to enjoy it all over again! 







Found on This Is Colossal

9. New take on the bloody mary…

I know, those fingers. WAY too realistic. Can you believe they’re actually red carrots? Find out more, here.

Via Bored Panda.

10. Meet me at this cabin on the slopes… literally.

If you’ve a head for heights and like a good old climb, this is for you – but only you – because only those who climb the Val Ferret will be able to experience a stay in this precarious retro-looking capsule, which sleeps 12. 



Found on The Telegraph.

11. Exercise without ANY EFFORT.

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