This is how I like Brighton beach: pretty much deserted. No offence but at the first hint of a sunny day, the world and his granny pegs it down to the beach, taking up all the best spots. Finding your own little piece of seaside paradise away from the crowds requires a lot of effort and exploration…

A Wildflower Meadow Complete with Benches – Great for Picnics!

Almost every day I pass the lush oasis of Preston Park just outside the centre of town. Originally called Brighton Park, it’s the largest green space in the city. This is where you’ll find locals jogging, kids playing, groups gathering for weekend barbecues… You’re most welcome to join them, but if you follow me, I know of a quieter more hidden spot, past the hustle of the main park. From the clock tower, head south, past the swings and tennis courts towards the Victorian Rotunda cafe. Here you’ll find what used to be a perfectly groomed bowling green a couple of years ago, but is now a beautiful wildflower meadow that comes to life every spring with multicoloured flowers that last all through the summer. Not only is it perfect to stare at, it also makes an idyllic outdoor oasis for soaking up rays with a picnic!

If you’ve forgotten your picnic, it just so happens that Ellie & Co’s favourite homemade pizza place in Brighton is just a 10-minute walk away. Order a Capricciosa, or maybe some brushetta and a smoked ricotta and butternut squash salad to go.

Fatto A Mano, 77 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF. Preston Park, Preston Road/London Road, Brighton BN1 6SD.

Hideout in a Pastel-Coloured Beach Hut

How smug will you feel watching the crowds of people sauntering along Hove Promenade while you sit back and enjoy the sea view from he comfort of your very own beach hut hideaway? Make sure you grab some supplies for the day, maybe some traditional homemade Italian gelato from nearby Marocco’s restaurants – one of those neighbourhood gems – and you’re all set.


Find out more about hiring a beach hut here and here.  Find Marrocco’s at 8 King’s Esplanade, Hove BN3 2WA

*Props not included!
Your Own Secret Square with a Sea View

It’s probably because it’s set back from the sea and surrounded by a wrought iron fence this beautiful hidden treasure is pretty much always empty. It’s called Brunswick Square and you’ll find it at the Hove end of the seafront, close to the beach huts I mentioned above. It’s beautiful central garden is surrounded by beautiful listed Regency houses, some of the first in Brighton – you can even snoop inside one called The Regency Town House.


If you want a bit of privacy, there are lots of little benches or even this cute picnic spot under the trees. What’s good about this spot is that you’ll find lots of amazing delis filled mouthwatering picnic treats like cheeses, baguettes and fine wines to quench your thirst and fill your tummies with!

Find Real Patisserie, 25 Western Rd, Hove BN3 1AF. La Cave, 34-35 Western Rd, Hove BN3 1AF

That’s all for now but stay tuned because I plan to update this post every time I’ve discover another hidden place where you can hide away from everyone! If there are any Brighton people out there reading this, I’d be intrigued to know where you hide out when the city’s busy…


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