Come Friday, I’m sometimes fit for nothing other than lying face down on the kitchen floor, let alone arriving home with all the main ingredients for a lavish Saturday morning brunch.
Cue this brilliant idea that gets me off the hook. Heather MacArthur, since making the move to Brighton after eight years in London, has started Brunch Box, delivering generous boxes of local ingredients for breakfast to people in Brighton. There are four to choose from: English, French, American and Healthy, as well as a Kids Bag. If you’re really hungry, you can add extras from the butcher, baker or grocery shop like avocado, croissants, extra sausages and granola, as well as essential hangover items, like caramel wafers and Haribo Starmix! Genius!
It’s such a great idea if you feel like spoiling yourself, but also a great gift idea for all those busy people in your lives! 

Have a peek inside Brunch Box, here.


  1. Wish I lived in Brighton! Maybe we could have it at yours when I come to stay?

  2. Definitely must try this soon. Thanks for letting me know it exists!

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