Siiiiigh. My love-affair with Portugal continues this week having just discovered these beautiful Portuguese basket bags. Before I go any further, I want you to know I am not one of those sights that hawks any old products and designer gear at you all the time. It takes something very unique; something that strikes a nostalgic chord within for me to get into consumer mode and share a brand with you. In fact if I’m honest on this one, almost too good to share, I very nearly didn’t… but that seemed unfair.

I would have bought one during my trip to Porto had I remembered to go back to the shop I spotted them in. Luckily for me – and you – I’ve just found the exact same bags on Etsy and couldn’t wait another minute to share them with you.

They’re made by a company called Toino Abel, started generations ago by a young man called Nuno Henriques’ great grandfather, Antonio (Toino for short), who would deliver them all round Portugal. Today, the small business is run by Nuno’s great aunt with a staff of just six weavers – the same women who have been making these baskets for decades by weaving bunches of fragile reeds into these amazingly sturdy bags, each slightly different to the next. 

They cost from £40 – £65 and come in a range of sizes from small shoulder bags (you can ask for a long leather strap) to beach bags, picnic baskets or bicycles baskets. They’re made to order and specific designs can be requested or you could leave it to fate and see what inspired pattern your lovely Portuguese artisan comes up with. 

See Toino Abel on Etsy here.

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