I spotted Montpelier Terrace and all those other plush streets tucked behind Brighton’s main shopping road, lined with some of the most stunning architecture in the city, when I first moved to the city – and envy anyone who moves in. All those dreamy, picture-perfect whitewashed Regency villas, the shuttered windows, copper canopies, Art Deco-style ironwork; this is the Brighton I imagine all those wealthy Victorians came to escape London. I’ve cycled past so many times, always in a hurry and wishing I could stop for a snoop, so this weekend with spring finally in the air, I decided once and for all to explore.





















To follow my route, check my map of Montpelier Terrace and its surrounding treasures… 

Pssst: The Miniature Plant Shop Hiding in a Vintage Clothes Store in Brighton


  1. I love the one with semi-circle canopies…so so beautiful. I wonder how many are still the same grand houses they once were, and how many are now flats? What would a house like that cost?! We have beautiful architecture in Sydney, but truly nothing as lovely as this 🙂

  2. I think honestly most of the properties I snapped are still houses, except those in Powis Square where I spotted the camper van. I think a lot of those are flats. Re the scooter – it's a new addition – a PX125!

  3. Dagging… Wonderful word for those pointy wooden slates. Learnt it from Nigel richardson's GEM of a book, Breakfast in Brighton.

  4. Wonderful area. My fave pic is the one showing the Clifton Terrace sign between 2 windows, because it's a great shot of the 'dragging' that these houses are famous for. I learnt this word for the dangling pointed wooden slats from a favourite book: Breakfast in Brighton, by Nigel Richardson. I can't recommend it highly enough! SUCH a magical read.

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